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Cold Rolled Steel
The World's Best Cold Rolled Steel Company, Dongkuk Industries Co., Ltd.

Cold rolled steel refers to the steel coil that was produced by removing the surface scale of the raw material, hot rolled steel coil, through a chemical treatment (Pickling Process) as well as a rolling process at room temperature in order to make/adjust the level of thickness, material, surface finish and shape required by clients.

Dongkuk Industries’ cold rolled special steel is an ingredient for high carbon steel and special steel alloy steel that are used for precision parts such as in automobiles. In order to satisfy the high-quality, diverse and high functional needs of our clients, we possess the best state-of-the-art facilities for cold rolled special steel production and produce top quality products through precision control and precision shape control of such facilities. We supply products that are responsible for your life such as the major engine materials of automobiles, auto-transmission parts materials, safety parts included in automobiles, etc. to the entire world.

Our company has been supplying top-quality products to both domestic and international car makers including Hyundai and KIA as well as to global automobile parts companies.