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Greetings from CEO
The World's Best Cold Rolled Steel Company, Dongkuk Industries Co., Ltd.
"The World's Best Cold Rolled Steel Company,
 Dongkuk Industries"

Thank you for visiting the website of Dongkuk Industries. The company was founded as Daewonsa in 1967, and we have continuously been making efforts to stand as a global leader of cold rolled steel industry.

Building the history of steel, Dongkuk Industries is moving beyond Korea to become the world’s No. 1 leader in cold rolled Steel. A world made happier by steel, we Dongkuk Industries will bring greater value to our clients and shareholders.

Industries build
the history of steel.

On the basis of creative thinking and a challenging spirit, Dongkuk Industries will be opening a new world of steel through the ceaseless quality of innovation, client satisfaction and strengthening the development of technology. In addition, moving beyond innovation and the strengthening of quality and client satisfaction, we will be participating in a client-centered management plan that will show our appreciation to clients.

Based on our company’s culture that aims for innovation beyond change, we will not be complacent with the current level, but, through continuous investment and research development, we will contribute to forming an independent market structure by achieving high-quality which will lead us to a bigger and better future. In addition, in order to take the next step of becoming the world’s most competitive steel company, we will be using the best technology and the latest equipment available in building the “Global No.1 Cold Rolled Special Steel Company. ” We are currently surpassing our fifty years in business, continuously thriving as we are running towards a century.

I thank all the family members of Dongkuk Industries, who have constantly made devoted efforts for the progress of our Company, and I give sincere thanks to all the clients, partner firms and shareholders who have helped me stand where I am today.

CEO Sang Cheol, An